I really enjoyed out trip to the Mystic Aquarium. I was very impressed by the amount of different animals. Everytime I go to an aquarium however, I feel bad for the animals and wish they could be in their natural habitat out in the wild. I especiallly feel for the larger animals such as the whales, seals, stingrays, etc.

My favorite part of the aquarium was the things that we were able to touch. I liked petting the stringrays and playing with the organisms in the touch tank. I came into this trip with a lot of knowledge about marine animals but if I was unknowledgable on the subject I believe that this aquarium would have taught me a lot. I really enjoyed going because not many classes give students interactive oppertunities like this.

At the Mystic Aquarium i got to see Piranha which I did my glog about. The Piranha at teh aquarium were gold flecked and i realized they are much smaller than I imagined they would be. Below is the link to my glog on Piranhas’